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Brand: Castrol

Original engine oil Castrol GTX 10W40 petrol and diesel A3/B4 lt. 4 litri synth

Difficult driving conditions such as heavy traffic, adverse weather conditions and spaced oil change intervals can cause the formation of a thick, tar-like substance: sludge. If they are not treated, they can reduce engine power and its life. Castrol GTX has been specifically designed to prevent their formation, reduce oil deposits and help prolong the...

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Oil filter

The oil filter plays an essential part in this process. It continuously purifies the oil by retaining the abrasive particles produced by ordinary wear, in addition to purifying dust and combustion residues. Oil filters can be designed as spin-ons or as cartridges. A spin-on filter is completely replaced at the end of its life cycle while in the other version only the cartridge must be replaced

Oil filter

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